Digital Resume Please Walk In

Digital Resume Please Walk In

In a world that is growing more and more obsessed with technology, there is no wonder that digital resumes are becoming a craze. However, when we say that digital resumes are becoming popular, it does not mean that they have replaced by the traditional paper resumes all together. All it means is that a definite slow transformation is taking place and the recruiters are now interested in knowing about the candidate in more ways than one.

So, while the paper resumes still hold their importance, digital resumes are a great way to show off your extra skills, seem more creative, and be more interactive.

However, before we talk further about digital resumes, let us understand that it does not always have to be a flashy video or slide presentation. Although a creative organisation like an ad agency or art gallery might prefer a more showy resume, most of the companies need a simple online resume. So, a digital resume can be as simple as having your resume online, where every detail of your work and experience has been clearly mentioned.

How do digital resumes help?

1. Searching any information online is now only a click away. In such a scenario, if you have a well-drafted digital resume that is easily searchable with the help of proper keywords, then it surely stands apart from the resumes that are still not digital.

2. Many organisations find it more convenient to refer to a digital resume rather than a paper resume simply because it is easily available on the screen, unlike the paper resume that needs to be properly maintained.

3. A digital resume can also prove to be a benefit over paper resume because it allows you to mention the URL of your relevant work and experience and also embed your short videos, if required.

4. If you do wish to have fun and be a little creative, you can of course create a short video resume or infographics which seems to be more interactive and helps your recruiters to take a better decision about you.

How to make a digital resume?

1. Use a resume making tool. Using a tool to make a resume is easy, as the tools are user friendly and guide you through each step so that you don’t miss out on any important detail and your resume looks perfectly ready to make a mark.

2. There should is a consistency in the stories that you tell about yourself. Before a recruiter decides to hire you, your social media presence is of course checked. All your details in the digital world should be consistent so that you seem to be a genuine candidate. Make sure your digital presence talks about you in the way you want to present yourself to the recruiters.

3. Making a resume in LinkedIn has become mandatory. Many good employers look up on LinkedIn to find skilful candidates. Therefore, do make an effort to show your presence on LinkedIn.

Things to keep in mind while making the resume are:

1. Don’t make the resume too flashy. The resume should be able give your details clearly. No recruiter wishes to spend several minutes looking for your name and skills, so highlight the things that you really want to stand out.

2. Your resume should be in an editable format. This makes it easier to update it when required.

3. Do not keep your resume self-centred. Apart from reflecting your skills, your resume should also be able to tell the recruiters about how you would prove to be an asset to their company and help them in their growth.

4. While making a video resume, keep it straightforward, logical, short and crisp. Let it be expressive. Highlight your skills and create a good impression on the recruiters. Also, make sure that your video resume can be shared, as this enables the recruiters to share your video and discuss about you in the organisation before taking a decision.

Always remember that a resume creates the first impression on the mind of a recruiter. Make sure you create the best first impression.