Lack Of Women As Engineers In R&D Companies – Lack Of Interest Or Management’s Lack Of Concern

When the world is talking about gender equality and women empowerment and companies are emphasizing on bringing back women to work for a diversified talent pool, a striking observation reveals that there is a significant lack of women engineers in R&D companies. While the higher management may think of it as public relations issue, there may be more to this front than just this explanation. While many claim that women leave their professional career after a certain period of time due to personal responsibilities, which might not be the case as the women professionals claim a different reason for their withdrawal. They have pointed out towards lack of career growth opportunities and isolation as key elements. Hence, it is necessary to put forth the real reasons behind this problem.

  • The major point which has come up while looking in to this issue is the stereotypic view point of the management as a whole. We often hear the term it is a man’s world out there. This thought itself put off the urge of excelling. Women feel out of place due to this thought alone.
  • Women have also claimed that during their career they often need to push harder or go ahead an extra mile just to prove their worth or a relevant point. This constant extra effort in a long run kills the creative or decision making initiative to a great extent.
  • Gender business leads to lack of career growth opportunities. This factor is an extension of the first pointer. Many women felt that their capabilities were not judged on potential. Their contribution was overlooked in terms of gender.
  • Lastly, the feeling of isolation becomes uncomfortable for many women in companies. They have claimed that they are often deliberately neglected in discussions or people hesitate to communicate to them.

This issue might seem only a public relations issue to many managerial professionals, but there is more to this problem than just this reasoning. It is high time, that the gender diversity is encouraged in the workforce. Recruitment & selection of women can be a key contributor to a diversified talent pool which is the increasing popular trend among organizations now days. The benefits of having women engineers in R&D segment are as follows.

  • The gender diversity in the R&D segment is expected to bring in major innovation in terms of creative ideas and decision making.
  • A team of mixed gender is essentially to increase the employee engagement to a great extent.
  • The productivity is expected to increase to a significant level as people will put in the maximum effort to prove their worth.
  • The inflow of new and creative ideas in expected increase if the women are also made part of essential discussions and decision making.

There are some companies around the globe who have already taken the initiative of bringing in women professionals in this segment from the past two to three years. They have seen the benefits and the performance meter rise due to this step. It can be expected that this trend will be followed by other companies in the coming years.

Revamped HR Strategies At The Beginning Of New Financial Year

While the industries across the globe change with the ever increasing technological innovation and market scenarios, the companies are in forever need to formulate new business strategies to keep up with the competition. HR strategies have become one of the vital areas of business which is currently the deciding factors towards growth and stability in the long run.

Among the most popular HR trends, partnering with employment agencies for hiring candidates was a significant development during the last year. But this was mostly restricted to private firms. This year, even the government bodies engaged private employment agencies for hiring government officials. This step can be seen as a major demographic change in the HR strategies segment. Other than this there are a certain areas wherein new HR strategies are being brought in to enhance the workforce performance and work towards employee retention.

  • Workforce surveys

Implementation of workforce surveys is being looked upon as a new method of channelizing fresh and creative ideas to the management and to encourage employees to speak their mind. These surveys will also be used to understand the performance stand point of an employee by understanding the needs and restrains received by the individual. Depending on these surveys further plans and programmes are to be developed.

  • Contribution of leaders in the diversified segments

Due to ever changing business environment, the contributions of the management people have been restricted to their line of operations in the past years. This resulted in the containment of valuable suggestions and ideas as per the HR heads. They now believe in bringing the entire management board under the same roof. This will enable every individual to contribute towards the business as a whole instead of focusing on a narrow line of operations.

  • Channelizing the staircase learning and development scheme

It is a common trait that some employees tend to be better performers than others. The learning and development sessions are intended for knowledge gain which should flow within the organization. The HR professionals believe that instead of training an entire batch on a subject a few top performers should be trained and then they will impart that knowledge to others. In this way, there is chance for better knowledge flow and development of management skills.

  • Lastly, working towards employee retention

HR professional believe that instead of long term benefits, short term acknowledgement of performance is likely to be seen in this financial year. Giving out long term benefits is a constructive step, but short term recognitions through rewards and appraisals is expected to create more impact towards employee retention. This also increases the trust bond between the management and the employee and work as a motivation to seek for better performance.

Hence these are the top HR strategies which are likely to be seen in the new financial year. GlobalHunt, a premium HR service provider has been successfully assisting its clients towards best HR practices for more than a decade. Please visit our website for further information.

Global Recruitment Industry on the Rise in Recent Years

recruitmentEffective and talented individuals are needed in every part of operation and management for effectual growth of any organization. Every company and business across industry domains have sought for professional recruitment services across the globe. With mechanization the need for specialized resource has become a requisite.

With time the process of finding a skilled resource has undergone various changes. Previously, finding talented individuals was easy and it mostly happened through personal networks. But over the past four to five years this method has proved to be inadequate. Presently, the main source of talent search is based on social networking professional sites. Career websites are another option among candidates and companies as these websites have extensive access to database. Recruitment process has also become complex and cost sensitive. The recruitment process it not just finding a suitable candidate, it is a multifaceted process of various stages.

  • Research

A thorough research and understanding on the job profile is required for which the candidates will be selected. It includes various parameters like the qualification, past experience, professional background and such like.

  • Database Profiling

The second step is going through the pool of candidate database while keeping in mind the detailed research of the job profile and short listing a set of candidates. Thirdly, conducting a screening to understand the candidate profile is crucial.

  • Profiling of Candidates

The next step is to perform a formal interview through a suitable mode of communication for the final selection and negotiation on the compensation grounds.

  • Closure

Lastly, the on boarding of the candidate in to the system is the final and completion step.

All these stages require the support of experienced and professional team who can perform each and every step with perfection. But maintaining such a team within a business requires considerable investment and is pretty cost sensitive in nature. Hence, businesses are now opting for recruitment services provided by international recruitment firms. The recruitment firms are known for providing all round hiring services from job profile understanding to on boarding of the candidate. This poses to be a cost effective solution to most companies. The companies do not need to hire a team for the entire recruitment process and also the chances of suitable candidate hiring increases as these recruitment firms have access to or maintain a large database of resumes and profiles themselves.

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HR Consultancy – The best HR services worldwide


The Human Resource or HR consultancy services industry is one of the most flourishing industries in the recent times. The services catered by this industry include hiring of professionals, laying the policies related to the people and the organization, monetary compensations, wages and salary related affairs and much more. It is a huge industry that is increasingly becoming important among companies and organizations in every known industry domain. According to a published source, the revenue generation of this industry, per annum, is USD 450 worldwide. While United States and Europe are currently the two leading markets for the industry, China and Brazil are the most prominent emerging markets for the same. There are several reasons for the rapid development of this industry. Every organization requires an organized framework comprising of efficient individuals for effective functioning. On the employee end, the maintenance of policies and remittance is crucial for the appropriate functioning of the system as a whole. All this is maintained by the HR consultancies and service providers at various levels.

As a part of this thriving industry, GlobalHunt HR consultancy has created a name for itself with over a decade of experience. Established in the year 2002, the company specializes in providing executive hiring, middle management recruitment, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Outplacements and leadership recruitment. Over the years, the company has build up a strong client base with the help of tailored services directed towards requirements, timely delivery and quality control. As professionals, we believe in maintaining client relationships with dignity and transparency to ensure long term commitment. Having provided services to various clients belonging to different industry and functional verticals, we understand the diversity of the client end requirements. So, in order to ensure overall satisfaction, we apply different approaches for different clients. Hence, you can be rest assured that we will propose the best possible solutions for you that will be beneficial to your business in the long run. Hiring individuals through a meticulous selection process, analyzing the sustainability of the candidate and indentifying the strength and weaknesses of a profile and careful examining of the entire procedure form the basis of our recruitment services. We ensure that you get the best for your long term goals and success. Our trained professionals upgrade themselves with the changing industry norms and new inclusions, so that you get the best of everything. Our communication terms remain transparent and we keep you informed at every level, so that you have peace of mind towards the process and service performance.

The GlobalHunt is no more just a name. It is a benchmark that has been set with years of successful HR consultancy services worth mentioning. Now we invite to you try our services. Please feel free to write to write to us with your contact details and requirements and we will get back to you with tailored solutions matching your needs. You can also visit our website or give us a call. The contact details are present in the website for your assistance.