Disadvantages of E-Commerce Industries

https://cogdigital.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/COG-digital-website-ecommerce.jpgE-Commerce is the next big thing in the market and has been growing rapidly for the past few years. The digital era has made it possible for the companies to reach a huge amount of audiences in less time and in a budget-friendly manner. There are many reasons behind the popularity of e-commerce industries. There are many reasons for the growing benefits of e-commerce industries these days.Firstly, the growing reach of the internet makes it so popular among the audiences. Secondly, it reduces destination barriers and makes it easier to shop without going to the shop. It also allows the customers a wide range of options to choose from. The customers can read the online reviews of the product compare the prices by sitting at home and then decide which product suits his demands and budget the most.

Recent news on major e-commerce ventures not fulfilling their commitment to hiring A-school brigade has created a stir in the market. The lack of fulfilling the commitment raises concern over the executive recruitment process that the sector is following. The prime reason being sited is the lack of investors or the internal restructuring that most of these companies are following. There are various disadvantages of the e-commerce sector that has led to its unpredictability. The disadvantages of the e-commerce sector are as follows;

  • Initial Cost- The initial cost of building an e-commerce application might be very high. There could also be delays in launching e-commerce applications due to lack of experience and inefficiency.
  • E-Commerce delays goods- E-commerce takes a lot of time to deliver goods. Therefore, if you want to buy something that you need immediately it is always advisable not to opt for e-commerce services.
  • Customers cannot try the product before buying- One of the major problem of the e-commerce industry is the customers cannot try the product or test the product before buying it.
  • Customers become impatient at times- If you are buying a product from a shop and you have an inquiry about the product then you can ask the salesperson in the shop for assistance. They will answer all your queries instantly and efficiently and they will also suggest you the right kind of product that will suit both your budget and needs.

These are the various problems that the e-commerce industries continue to face and therefore are facing a lot of challenges and unpredictability among its customers and in the market.

What Should You Do To Face An Interview?


The interview is a big task for a job seeker. The job seekers work really hard to find the best job so that they can take care of their family as well for themselves. Preparing for an interview is really important or else it will leave with no other option but just bad luck. So, before the interview, you need to prepare yourself to be the best in the interview and rule the world.

  1. You need time to prepare yourself. You should about the company because it is a public profile and you should the many possible details of the company for whom you are interviewing.
  2. Then, you should read the job description so that any question from your job role can give you the better response. You should be ready with all types of answers.
  3. Read on your resume very well. You should write on the resume the true facts that you can swear by to get the job.

Then, comes to ace in the interview and here are the following points:

  • Walk into the interview room with smartness and good energy. You need to smile happily and you should make eye contact with your interviewer. Shake hand softly and then ask for a sit.
  • Be the real person that you are because the interviewers will look at real you and you should understand the fact very nicely. This will make you less nervous and you will feel confident.
  • Interviewers are always there to look for right fit in the job role. So, you need to be smart enough to handle the pressure so that you can ace the interview smartly. You need to remain alerted and active to catch up the tricky questions of the interviewer and smartly answer those questions.
  • When you are answering the questions, do not ever go too long or else it will become monotonous and boring for everyone. You also need to keep an eye contact to show your confidence and get instant result.
  • If you are a good team player, then you should let the interviewer know about it. It will help you catch the eyes of the team because they always prefer a candidate who is a team player. You need to stay focused and this will actually give you a better help to understand your true self and this actually gives you the perfect way to balance and at the end, your dream is to get the job.

After the interview, you need to leave the place with the same energy with which you enter. It will give you the confidence to rule the job and you should not show any mark of disappointment even if you are not happy with the interview. Executive recruitment process always take a long process because there are many steps involved in it and should have the patience to get the job interview because it requires a high level of the interview process in the managerial position and the interviewer really takes the pain to get the best candidate for the job role.

A Hunt for Leadership Talent


Recruitment process for team based professionals or technicians have been remodeled with time. There has been advancement towards assessment tools and analytical approach for executive recruitment. But finding, assessing and recruitment of leadership roles pose to be a real challenge for HR professionals and consultants. There are many companies who have now focused on hiring potential leaders who can take over the reins in coming years so that company’s growth and business objectives are met without any unwanted hassle. The first stage is identification of such potential leaders. There are certain qualities to out for.

  • One of the fundamental criteria to look for in a potential leader is strategic perspective. This competency distinguishes future leaders from general executives. These employees have the ability to analyze current trends to suggest future market and industry developments.
  • High performance is the mantra of such professionals. They settle for only the best with maximum dedication.
  • The professionals who focus on producing positive results and propel the workflow towards the same are leaders of tomorrow.
  • They have the ability of collaboration and team work in order to direct the processes in the rightful manner.
  • The moral character of such individuals in highly influential. They stand as role model within teams and among employees. They maintain ethical standards and work towards maintaining corporate values.
  • Understanding the business and functionalities is important in order to understand the company propagation so that strategic planning can be performed with proper effect.
  • Potential leaders bring in positive changes within organization through innovation and taking risks. Technological advancements are closely watched by such individuals.
  • They have the powerful and effective communication skills that initiate proper functioning and implementation of changes.
  • Lastly, potential leaders believe in the development of themselves through complete development of the entire organization as a whole. They emphasize on holistic workforce development through various training sessions and knowledge sharing.

Leadership abilities are not simple to find or assess. The HR professionals need to analyze the skill set and technical knowledge along with the ability of crisis management and providing solution. So there are a few initiatives to be taken up for identifying and promoting the potential leader talent.

  • The success for any job role starts with recruitment and hence finding the right candidate is crucial. If there is a scope that hiring in a particular functionality may be channelized towards leadership roles in coming years, then the candidate selection process need to be undertaken accordingly.
  • Proper guidance is essential towards building of leadership abilities so that the thought process is directed towards the accurate direction.
  • Transparency towards communication is another approach for potential leadership management. If the employee is kept in the information loop of what is expected from him, then he can work towards development of such abilities.
  • Performance tracking is essential in this regard. Regularly monitoring the progress of potential leaders help in guiding them towards ultimate objective.

Finding leaders through talent hunt is a crucial yet challenging task. It should be planned and worked upon to achieve desired results.