2019 Market Intelligence Tools Empowering Recruitment Process

2019 Market Intelligence Tools Empowering Recruitment Process

Market Intelligence Challenging the Holy Grail of Traditional Recruiting

Gone are the days when open positions were filled through bulletin board advertisements and newspaper ads. From then to now, recruitment industry has evolved dramatically to become multi-billion dollar market. And evolution of technology has been the center force in shaping the future of modern marketing tactics in the industry. Now, the talent acquisition market is equipped with diverse tools and not reliant on word-of-mouth or face-to-face applications only.

Currently, technology has overtaken the manual job search and recruitment from the core. To hold a position in talent acquisition market, it is important to update competitive market knowledge for both candidates and recruitment firms. Here are the powerful quick and cost effective market intelligence tools that are shaping the future of recruitment in 2019.

Endless opportunities with Google Alerts:

It is a great tool for competition analysis and getting alerts on email or set up as RSS feeds. Hence, no need to spy on your competition and how they are doing in business. Moreover, there are options to create customizable alerts for people, press releases, financial information, etc. No doubt, if you know how to use this amazing feature, you can gain competitive advantage with minimum efforts.

Door to socialize with brands @ Social Media:

Social activities on various platforms by companies can provide direct information to your mail box about brand, company and individuals. Along with it, you don’t have to research on marketing campaigns of your competitors separately or on latest developments in your competitors business. Literally, they are delivering all the data to your inbox!

Have eyes like a Hawk using Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Google Plus:

For starters, the story starts with following competitors’ pages on social recruitment sites. Here, you can get and track information about new hires, promotions, people that have left. As a candidate, you can keep your knowledge updated about your target companies and latest happenings including open positions.

Exploring jobs, salary information, recognition and awards has never been so easy. You are just few clicks away to extract, scrutinize and use this all information in building competitive intelligence input.

Get surprised with Twitter findings:

You don’t need to toil in updating knowledge about latest happenings in business and competition. Just hang on the twitter handles of your competitors or employees or just follow people who are in following list of your competitors. And top of all, using twitter requires no expertise technological knowledge either.

You see, there are reasons why Twitter search is defending its place as #2 search engine!

Serve your intelligence with diverse information banks:

In recruitment and research segment, there is lot of information that you can gain from Bureau of Labor Statistics data, Wikipedia, slide share, Indeed and many other online sources. So, don’t delay to set, a weekly and half month reminder to visit the sites regularly or get notifications for updates.

Technologically Advanced Ways to Win Over Competitors

These are glimpses of top trending tools shaping current recruitment industry. Overwhelmed with information and puzzled to understand where to start? Start with prioritizing what makes sense for you to use and then draft a simple daily check strategy. It’s just time that you have to invest to retrieve exceptional information that can return you a crown or half of a crown!

GlobalHunt is available on various social sites and strongly understands the importance of using online public platforms as Market Intelligence tools. Don’t forget to tell us what other tools you are using in the comment section.