Building Talent Intelligence for Best People Decision

Businesses are on continuous path of growth and the only resource that can guarantee success is people. Therefore organizations are continuously building strategies and resources that can attract and retain the best talent available as per diverse skill sets. Moreover with the evolution of technology in recruitments lot of emphasis have been given on hiring the best fit candidates and recently talent intelligence have become a prime fascia.

If talent intelligence needs to be understood in simple form then it means data science and machine learning of candidates so that the recruiters and companies are able to make better informed people decisions. The wealth of candidate data extracted from technology gives recruiters an upper edge in calculating the fitment and the value addition. Therefore more and more companies are on a lookout for talent intelligence resources. So here we will talk about some of the key features that talent intelligence brings

What Talent Intelligence Do?

It gives data of candidates representing community of existing available talent pool, internal and former employees, passive candidates and candidates present at direct & indirect competitors. 

The data brings a diverse understanding of candidate in respect to functional and general skills, work performance & productivity, employment history, behaviour & cognitive mapping, social media communication, educational qualification and salary benchmarking.

What Companies Have Gained? 

By introducing talent intelligence, companies have been able to select out candidates that are keen and confident to join, identify direct & indirect industries, skills and expertise from which they can source candidates and which candidates can bring a positive wave in the company.

What Else Does Talent Intelligence Do? 

Other than candidate insights talent intelligence is also able to extract details that give further supports to companies and recruiters about their hiring trends and strategies. Some of them are:- 

  1. Source and quality of hire: understand the current trends about sourcing and hiring quality candidates. 
  2. Labour market and skills gap: analyze whether there is a talent shortage in a specific area or department, and find ways to fill these gaps with qualified talent.
  3. Migration reports: map how your competitors are attracting your talent and why your top performing talent are leaving you. 
  4. Benefits & salaries comparison: compare how your competitors are giving employers for the same role & profile. Understand what benefits, compensation & rewards system are existing across industries and organizations as yours. 

There is no doubt that talent intelligence has changed the way companies are sourcing and hiring candidates. Beyond this this is helping HR Managers in building strategies that retain the best talent and ensure that the existing talent pool is able to give their best towards the assigned role.

Say Yes to Right Career Transition of Employees

The COVID-19 pandemic brought in a state for companies where they had to take a hard decision of letting go some of their best employees. The situation was a large one where not just sector but diverse industries had to universally take this decision. It created a bad impact on the employees and the culture of the organizations. However to be empathetic towards their employees lot of companies opted for outplacement services.

This proved an opportunity for the companies to realize that the process of hiring does not stop once a candidate is onboard rather a very crucial step is outplacement. Although this service becomes active when companies has to let of their employees but it actually creates a lasting positive environment for both employees and companies.

  • Helps in Finding Work: when an employee is undergoing a job loss the most prevalent feeling is of loneliness and failure. This further impacts an employee’s confidence towards futuristic job opportunities. Here this service plays a very important role in respect to guidance and spreading a message that the employee is not alone and finding a job is not one man’s task. 
  • Helps in Coping Up: job loss involves a cycle of stress and low behaviour that affects not just the employee but the related families as well. This creates financial as well as mental stability loss to individuals. The series of career guidance discussions, interview practice and resume upgrading workshops and activities helps the employee in coping up with the current crisis and positively look for better life offerings.
  • Increases Loyalty: during layoffs no matter how long the association have been a relationship of tension is created. By sourcing a resourceful employee to another company an organization proves that they care for their employees and also they are thankful of what the employee have done all these years. This creates a system of loyalty where the employees are going to become prominent promoters of company’s culture irrespective where they go.
  • Improves Branding: it helps in maintaining the public image of the organization and set a case example for others to practice the wellbeing of their layoffs employees. The process can create an opportunity for promoting available talent pool within correct organization so that a step ahead is created within a candidate’s professional career.

Attracting the Right Skills

Employees for future scenario undoubtedly are preferring work from home. The belief to work from is ‘the’ strategy of workplace. Businesses have redesigned their internal policies to offer the best possible work environment for work from home. One such policy that is substantially being redesigned is recruiting the future talent. Placement agencies are being assisting organizations to hire the talent for the future. The recruiting strategy looks like:

  • Expanded Approach: With work from home, the talent search is expanded. No longer are restrictions for ‘preferred locations’. Now when both organizations and employees have become virtual the tremendous potential that can be tapped is endless. Recruitment should focus on right skills, desired experience and candidate potentiality.
  • Technology Upscale: Recruitment and technology is the future of Human Resource. Shift towards video interviews, psychometric tests to test candidate capabilities, technology based assignments are the tools to lead recruitment actions in the right directions. 
  • Gamification: Through gamification, organizations are positioning the intent of a job that is required from a candidate. Games are being used and will be used to test candidates on industry knowledge, product knowledge, and skills like creativity and problem-solving.
  • Data Analytics: Data is significant more than ever. Quantifying candidate potential and reviewing it through data algorithms is boosting in the right search. Data analytics is the next big thing in recruitment where more than candidate physical appearance their capabilities are recommended.

9 Questions Which Every Candidate Should Answer

GlobalHunt India Pvt Ltd

In the headhunting process we get in touch with so many candidates that sometimes while interacting we tend to forgot the human essence or value. We are so convinced with the skills that we overlook how the person actually is. So to make sure that you create a balance between the right skills and right fit there is a list of 9 questions which needs to be included in every interview. 

  1. What are your beyond work life?

Start with a simple question where you give me an opportunity for the candidate to relax. But also this provides an insight about his or her preferences, hobbies and emotional intelligence that can add creativity and commitment to the work assigned to the candidate.

2. Currently how is the candidate’s industry placed? 

It is very important to understand whether your candidate is well equipped & updated about the industry that he or she is a part. Every industry has its own dynamics and how the candidate can provide insights based on the calculation can prove beneficial to the company. 

3. What have been your greatest professional achievement? 

A candidate always have something to say good about professional achievement because that actually measures why the candidate is best suited for the job. Discuss on what grounds did the candidate achieved the success, what strategies were involved and the time duration involved among others

4. What has been your biggest challenge? 

Every profile has its set of challenges some are common and some are unique. Talk about them as they tell whether the candidate is equipped to handle work stress & pressure and moreover during this time whether the candidate has the ability to provide problem solving solutions. Also with what past experiences the candidate does comes with for the company.

5. What is your strength?

Understand how a candidate describes his or her strength that can add value. Check whether the internal abilities are co-relating with your job requirement and whether the candidate actually holds these strengths or not. 

6. At what point of time did you go wrong?

The questions demands the candidate to be honest. This gives a recruiter the option to validate the genuine level of the candidate. Everybody deals with blunders and taking ownership & discussing these situation reflects the knowledge, acceptability and sincerity of the candidate.

7. What is your opinion about continuing skills development? 

Today’s time is demanding where resilience have become the key skill. Therefore it is essential to map whether the candidate is open for flexibility, adaptability and multi-tasking. Be clear in asking what additional portfolios has the candidate handled or managed.

8. What after 5 years? 

Look where your candidates sees themselves after 5 years. What goals do they hold and what plans do they have to achieve them. Although it is a very general question but this really help in understanding what future plan and commitment plan is the candidate bringing.

9. Do you have any questions?  

It is very important for the candidate to ask relevant questions because this reflects (a) the enthusiasm level of the candidate towards the job & profile (b) how much the candidate is able to relate with the job and (c) how much the candidate is adaptable towards new culture and company.

The Potential of Artificial Intelligence in Performing Human Jobs

The growth rate of data analytics and overtaking human based work by artificial intelligence has not been hidden by anyone. Everyday businesses are evolving with technology to reduce human interventions and inaccuracy rate. Businesses are skilling the AI and RI to perform the most crucial actions.  Artificial Intelligence will surround even more than it does today. Within years to come it will perform and replicate everything which a human is capable of. Machine intelligence processes are built upon data, textures, codified speeches, pictures to make prediction patterns and analytics. 

AI and RI technologies are being used to speed up office backend activities which were mostly done by humans. So how does it evolve the future of human work force. Companies are adopting to labor saving and cross cutting technologies to bring operational efficiency. 

Analytics and predications on customer preferences are making way for better decision making that require intuition, imagination and most importantly compilation of data from different sources. Artificial Intelligence is being used by firms to make decisions where to allocate more resources. But it is still far behind in identifying the real-time problems or issues; this is where human intelligence will dominate the robotic intelligence.  

So we come to the question who is performing the right-brain activities. Is it the humans or the machines? Right-brains activities require intuition and creativity which only humans possess. Humans are required to emphatically think and use information presented by the artificial intelligence. The ability to evaluate the output of AI can be done only through creativity and imagination. Humans can do experiments with AI they may exceed or may fail but they with the support of technology are evolving the information. 

No doubt with AI information humans are able to make decisions and strategy but as humans need machines to improve their operational efficiency. In the same way machines also need human creativity and imagination to improve results.

Employee Engagement Post Lockdown

Employee Engagement Post Lockdown

In the new normal situation, all people are trying to adjust to the current situation with lot of uncertainties around. There are various changing dynamics among the employees during the lockdown situation due to the rapidly changing conditions. The workforce is scattered as most of the people are working from home. Employees are not in close contact with their colleagues which at times might develop a sense of anxiety among them. In their personal social life also, they have limited scope for interaction which is the new social norm. This even affects the mental health of the people.

Anxiety about personal safety and safeguarding the near ones from the attack of the virus are making people worried about their well-being. On top of it, confinement to the homes and continuous fear of job loss or pay-cut are making them anxious about the future. All these changing dynamics are impacting the physical, mental and emotional health of the people.

The onus now lies on the employer and the organization as a whole to help its people face this changing environment and overcome their fear of unknown in order to make them productive. Some of the initiative by which employees can be engaged are:

Adopting Safety Guidelines 

Management needs to ensure that the employees have a sense of security from being exposed to the risk of infection. By adopting proper safety measures the company can provide that confidence among its people who in turn can focus on regular business.

Providing a Cohesive Environment

As most of the people are working from home presently, effective communication plays a pivotal role in this situation. Team members are not in direct contact with their managers or other colleagues. So positive environment and both way communication is essential in running the business successfully.

Maintaining the Work Life Balance

In a time when everyone is juggling their office work along with household chores and home-schooling kids it is essential to help them maintain a proper work life balance. To ensure that managers should not provide extra work pressure or expect team members to be logged into their system the entire day or week as they are working from home.

Prioritizing Health and Wellness

Companies should focus on the well being of its employees more during the time of pandemic. The well being should encompass physical, mental and emotional health of the people. Employees should be provided with right kind of support like medical benefits, insurance coverage to take care of their health issues and the risk of infection.

Executive Placement: Adapting To The Pandemic

Executive Placement Adapting To The Pandemic

Social distancing – the term which was not known before the pandemic has become the keyword in every sphere of life now. This is quite evident even in the recruitment industry which looks into executive placement for corporate houses. Sourcing, selecting, and placing the right candidate in the job while maintaining physical distance is posing a greater challenge for the recruitment agencies.

The pandemic has created situation that compelled organizations adjust their way of identifying and hiring key executives. Most of the companies have either put hiring on hold or slowed down the process. From the executives’ side they are keeping their heads low to manage the current crisis and help their present organization sail through.

Recruiters are having a challenge not only in sustaining their business but also in executive placement for the openings available in the market. This is because companies who are hiring are looking for executives who has a broader set of skills and can lead the organization’s goals through this difficult time.

Unique Challenges and Creative Solutions

The executive placement agencies are trying to maneuver through this crisis and support the clients and candidates as creatively as possible. The top executives are mostly taking time and re-thinking about their career. Some are evaluating the current situation and trying to skill themselves that would be indispensable for organizations once the pandemic situation is over. The recruitment firms need to identify such skills and help the executives be market ready.

This situation has proved the mettle of the actual leaders who have handled this situation and led the team efficiently. Organizations post the crisis period would start hiring executives who possess such skill and talent. Recruitment will not only depend on qualification and years of experience but also on such skill set which proves essential to overcome such trying times.

Corporates have well understood the importance of innovation and adoption of new technologies during this time. Sooner or later organizations will start focusing on innovation and reliance on new technologies and artificial intelligence. There will be need for executives and manpower who can support such innovation and lead the organization from the front.

To help client companies replace the lost assessment opportunities due to social distancing norms, recruiters are increasingly turning to cultural fit and psychometric assessment tools. To assess the managerial skills of the candidate business case simulation-based virtual interviews are being conducted where candidates explain how they would deal with various challenges.

Newer Avenues in Future  

Few newer opportunities are opening up for placement agencies. A pool of candidates is available in the market as many have lost their job. It will be slightly easier for executive placement now due to the abundance of talent. The time-consuming factor is reduced considerably as companies are going for telephonic or video calls to interview a candidate.

But the most important factor that the firms should remember is place the skilled people to the client as there is no dearth of talent in the market presently.

The 4 Interview Questions- To Test Candidate Truth

The 4 Interview Questions- To Test Candidate Truth

Testing different candidates to find the best one is the most essential step of a recruitment process. A wrong fit can waste the entire efforts of recruitment. A mindset of an interviewer goes through diverse questions for hiring the right candidate:

  • Do I really know the people I am hiring?
  • Do I really understand how these people think?
  • Do I really trust my judgement of how they will fit with the team?
  • Do I really believe they can make good decisions in practice once the interview is over?

With all the uncertainty, they have to test the candidate and find the potentiality of the candidate for the required role. Here are few questions that help interviewers in providing deeper understanding of the candidates:

1. Tell Your Story Question

This questions design the pattern of your future questions. A basic question like this give a fundamental overview of the candidates. Therefore, a good way of putting the Tell Your Story Question can be:

  1. What made you become an Engineer
  2. Which part of your job you love the most
  3. What has been your most challenging part of your job
  4. Tell us about the best rewards of your jobs

With a little change in putting, the old question in a new way gives candidate a chance to share their authentic details. Through these questions, they tend to share their passion than sharing a pre-practiced answer.

2. The Decision Making Question

This question gives an overview on the capability of the candidate to make decisions in real. Decision-making is among the most required skill to become a leader. In case if, you want the role to grow as a leadership role then it is important to seek decision-making capabilities in a candidate. We can judge a candidate decision-making capability by asking:

  1. Tell us what made you decide that your current organization is a good choice for you
  2. What you do for taking a decision
  3. What would you like to change about yourself

Such questions define the decision-making and the confidence of a candidate to take significant steps in their professional atmosphere.

3. The Mindset Question

This question is crucial to understand the perception of the candidate towards the world. It highlights whether they are positive, self-believer, confident and adaptable. The mindset understanding questions can be

  1. How would you feel leaving your current organization as you have been working there for quite some time now
  2. How were your first 60 days in your current organization
  3. What you felt the next day after joining your current organization
  4. How will you break the news of leaving the job in your current organization
  5. What do you think will be your colleagues and seniors reaction when they will know you are resigning

Such questions define the depth of a candidate mindset and about their level attachment with their job and people around them. This help in going inside a candidate mindset and the capability to take up further challenges.

4. The Empathy Question

To judge the team player capabilities of a candidate we use the empathy questions. Rather than asking direct negative questions, we use the empathy questions. The structure of questions can be as below:

  1. What do you think your colleagues would have reacted on knowing about your last promotion
  2. Do you think they were more jealous than being happy about you
  3. How have you evolved your relationship with your colleagues

No candidate is ever prepared for these types of questions; whatever they say during the interview is the truth and bring up the self-awareness attribute of a candidate.

With so much knowledge on interview behavior the candidates are well prepared to even face the toughest questions. As an interviewer it is our responsibility to search the best candidate. These off track questions not only judge a candidate on their professional skills but also on professional behaviorism. So next time whenever you are preparing to take an interview do try to use these questions and test a candidate.

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How Choosing the Best Manpower Consultancy Can Help to Kick Start Your Career

How Choosing the Best Manpower Consultancy Can Help to Kick Start Your Career

One-Point help to Get Information on Key Companies and Opportunities

Perhaps it is the most common reason to seek services from manpower consultancy. With their resources, collection of surveys, studies, knowledge of market and competitive structure analysis of an industry, a consultancy can provide all information at one point. Furthermore, consultants also handle requirements of organizations. Up-to-date information with accuracy is what one can get by associating with manpower consultants.

Assessing candidate profile to Identify Best Fit

Most often employees are over occupied in their current job and the next promotion they are expecting, they don’t even think about other viable options. Here, these viable options could be anything but the current job. A human resource consultant can help in broadening short-term thinking by identifying best fit available opportunities.

It is as simple as that, if you will focus to go by the organization chart for career growth, there are limited opportunities to grab. However, there are many fabulous vacancies out there waiting for perfect fit. Manpower consultant can give sneak peak of your fabulous career in the initial association. It’s upon the candidate how he or she continued to grow skills and experiences to add value to career.

Professional Help before Interview

Altogether help on what an employer looking for in a candidate profile, manpower consultant can help in preparing candidates before interview. More upon it, from professional resume writing to customizable resume as per the job profile, there is lot that a professional recruitment consultant services can deliver.

Backing Up Your Career Whenever You Need Us

Manpower consultant such as Globalhunt is keen to know how their candidates are doing in their career. From delivering you the best job opportunities to candidates as per experience, education and location, candidate can bank on consultants to get career advice.

GlobalHunt Takeaway – It Is Easy To Find A Perfect Job With Professional Manpower Consultant!

Candidates have variety of priorities when they are searching for their perfect job. Someone may be too busy to join as a full-timer or other may still discover what exactly they want to do for a living. Manpower consultancy can help in finding the perfect job as per the candidates preferences and can even prove a great help while a candidate is attempting for career change.

GlobalHunt manpower consultancy believes in starting career journey by listening closely to candidate’s skills, interests and goals. We are sure to help you reach your dream job that fits in your lifestyle.

Why You Must Be Concerned for Employee’ Financial Wellness from Recruitment and Selection Process

Why You Must Be Concerned for Employee’ Financial Wellness from Recruitment and Selection Process

Become an Employee Magnet by Proper Channeling of Total Value for Employees

Proper communication total compensation packages and benefits is necessary to keep the employees morale. Off course, it’s not possible to offer raise all the time, but letting them understand financial security offered can present you as employee. In the modern time the war for talent is at full fledge and a little mistake can gamble your best manpower asset. Of worse, the risk of turnover is always there, so you must put best efforts to let employees understand why you are a good place to work.

Dynamic work environment, employee-friendly work culture, value-added services and facilities can boost employer’s value on the top of payroll benefits.

Value Added Services to Increase Financial Security

From health insurance to dependent care benefits, there are many things that you do without increasing on paper salaries. More upon it, the priority services to access financial counselor can help employees save more. Many times, people don’t even know how start investing for future and this kind of guidance can actually clear their doubts. Hiring a licensed professional for the same and offering services at reduced cost or free is a worth to try shot.

Make Them Feel Free From Financial Worries from The Recruitment And Selection Step

Money is the prime reason for causing stress among employees. When they are in stress, they can’t provide best performances. Hence, it is clear that to make them work for you in the best shape of mind and body, as an employer you need to free them from financial worries. Financial distractions need to be sidelined properly to increase productivity of employees. Furthermore, financial guidance is the most likely offering that millennial generation tends to look in employers of GenX.

Well being of employees is only possible when they are cheerful to work and it is not all about giving them a good raise. Truly, the total compensation is the prime factor for accepting a job offer most of the time. However, additional facilities of food, cab, job security, insurance and healthcare are also important point. Just make sure employees get proper understanding of their total benefits package from the recruitment and selection phase.

GlobalHunt Takeaway

Everyone loves to feel they are valued. This feeling of ‘taken care’ has natural power to establish ling term connections. Similarly, in professional world if as an employer you are successful to make them employees feel valued, you are automatically entitled to gain loyal employees.  Financial security and benefits are prime concerns for employees. By taking care of these basics you can retain staff and reduce employee turnover naturally. Critically, you must work on transmitting your concerns for employee financial wellness timely and properly from the initial phase of recruitment and selection.