Reduce and Control Cost of IT Hiring, Switch To IT Staffing Solutions

Reduce and Control Cost of IT Hiring, Switch To IT Staffing SolutionsKnowledge and experience are two parallel skills that decide the future of It experts. To hire candidates at such a critical position, it’s necessary to have an experienced full-time hiring staff. However, if you are hiring for a project or have a large demand in IT staffing, it is economically and functionally better to outsource IT staffing services. What’s the use to hire and maintain a separate IT recruiter when you can get the expert team on work! Yes, IT staffing is different from Non-IT recruitment and so does the skills of recruiters who are responsible to qualify and manage the IT staffing.

By the end of this read, GlobalHunt (the experienced IT staffing solution provider) will elaborate on the benefits of outsourcing IT staffing services.

Save time and avoid hassle with Professional IT Staffing Solutions

Information Technology staffing service providers can help in reaching qualified candidates across the globe. With the experience of working in technology recruitment, they know how specific demand is for different segments such as IT professionals for cloud, digital marketing, digital infrastructure, and crucial segments of cybersecurity, etc.

That’s why organizations leverage dedicated IT staffing solutions around the world.

Reduce operating costs of IT recruitment

There is no room for learners as identifying, recruiting, and retaining IT talent is no easy job. It’s a fast-paced industry where the urgency to fill up the gap in demand and supply of knowledge resources directly affects the business revenues. From executive-level roles to senior managerial positions in Information Technology departments, expertise in the hiring of such professionals is a basic challenge company of all sizes is facing.

From cloud computing and robotics to polishing the company’s social profiles on social media, you need experts to do the job. What IT staff do and how they do it as per trends of business is the key to quickly step on the ladder of success. That’s why the talent pool with high skilled IT professionals is always stretched and to access such deserving staff, an experienced IT staffing provider can help.

Free up a load of hiring on internal resources

The market conditions always back the intense demand of top technical talent at every level. Furthermore, experts in information technology always have more choices in terms of bargaining wages and securing positions. Even if you have a dedicated IT recruiter on board, it is not easy to maintain a talent pool separately for filling up the demand and supply. Sometimes you don’t have vacancies while on the other hand, you may need to complete hiring for a project in a short period.

In such a case, it’s better to free-up load on internal resources and outsource IT staffing from a professional. Here, an important point to notice is – you get more choices in top IT performers’ talent group which gives you extra space to bargain according to your budget with IT staffing solutions.

Accelerate time to market openings and filling up immediate knowledge gaps in the IT segment

To support IT recruitment needs, professional IT recruiters have expertise in locating highly specialized talent as per geographical regions. Not to forget, they have access to both active and passive IT talent pool to supply the best information technology professionals for a specific job title.

IT staffing has many segments as per the job title such as automation experts, coding professionals, cybersecurity professionals, digital marketing, maintenance, and many more. Hence, there is a large talent pool to maintain, and dedicated IT recruitment firms have access to it. It’s easy to market the opening in no time for them as well as source resumes of qualified professionals to meet your compliance standards and technical certifications.

GlobalHunt Takeaway

A seamless, cohesive experience is sure even in the toughest hour of managing the information technology knowledge gap with IT staffing. End-to-end delivery of IT talent, based on your needs for short- and long-term engagements, is possible with Information Technology recruiting that delivers innovative, experienced talent.

Technical talent is the greatest asset for all types and shapes of business. GlobalHunt understands the competitive parameters of IT recruiting. We can effectively and efficiently deliver the best IT talent as per your needs to drive you to actual business results. Get in touch for more information.

It’s Illegal to Hit Your Boss, Maybe It’s Time to Move On!

It’s Illegal to Hit Your Boss, May Be its Time to Move On!

When Work Really Feels Like ‘Work’, No Enjoyment

Sometimes everybody feels lethargic to go for work, but if you really don’t feel like going for work any day of week, it’s an alarming condition. Work must bring some sort of joy as you have to spend one third of the day there. Regular feeling ‘is that what I actually want to do’ clearly stats to consider transition seriously.

Enjoying work is something that gives pleasure and satisfaction to the level that it’s doesn’t feel like work at all. Careers dwell on such grounds naturally embrace the challenges of work. Does your job give you this level of satisfaction?

Negativity Overtaking the Peace Of Mind

It’s not common to find yourself complaining about your bosses and work every day. This negativity budded on ‘what’s not working’ signals that you are not satisfied with your job. Whether it is compensation you receive or work you are offered to do or both, if you feel underappreciated in any form, your mental peace gets crucified. It’s a clear sign to consider change of job or career!

Do you know the real meaning of being harsh? It’s going to work at the same place where you feel underpaid, unappreciated or undervalued. Nothing can save your future, if you don’t get focused on where you want to lead your career.

No Concept of Adding to Learning, Value or Fun at Work

People often get confused whether they should consider change or wait a little longer at the same position to let things get better on their own. If such is the case, try to find out answer of two simple questions.

Are you learning or adding value to your profile while working?

Is it fun to work there?

If your brain is screaming with ‘NO’, it’s time to take a pause and think about change that can alter your answer to ‘Yes’.

GlobalHunt Takeaway

Clear your mind and put your best efforts to achieve your goals.

To kick start your job search, remind this famous line of Leonardo DiCaprio’ from the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.”

Of course, the decision of changing a job or career has its own risks and hassles. Take your time to unwind the load of job and start looking for positions seriously. GlobalHunt Staffing Solutions as the best human resource provider in the region can assist you in finding the suitable opportunities. Reach us to get career guidance as well as employment opportunities.

How Choosing the Best Manpower Consultancy Can Help to Kick Start Your Career

How Choosing the Best Manpower Consultancy Can Help to Kick Start Your Career

One-Point help to Get Information on Key Companies and Opportunities

Perhaps it is the most common reason to seek services from manpower consultancy. With their resources, collection of surveys, studies, knowledge of market and competitive structure analysis of an industry, a consultancy can provide all information at one point. Furthermore, consultants also handle requirements of organizations. Up-to-date information with accuracy is what one can get by associating with manpower consultants.

Assessing candidate profile to Identify Best Fit

Most often employees are over occupied in their current job and the next promotion they are expecting, they don’t even think about other viable options. Here, these viable options could be anything but the current job. A human resource consultant can help in broadening short-term thinking by identifying best fit available opportunities.

It is as simple as that, if you will focus to go by the organization chart for career growth, there are limited opportunities to grab. However, there are many fabulous vacancies out there waiting for perfect fit. Manpower consultant can give sneak peak of your fabulous career in the initial association. It’s upon the candidate how he or she continued to grow skills and experiences to add value to career.

Professional Help before Interview

Altogether help on what an employer looking for in a candidate profile, manpower consultant can help in preparing candidates before interview. More upon it, from professional resume writing to customizable resume as per the job profile, there is lot that a professional recruitment consultant services can deliver.

Backing Up Your Career Whenever You Need Us

Manpower consultant such as Globalhunt is keen to know how their candidates are doing in their career. From delivering you the best job opportunities to candidates as per experience, education and location, candidate can bank on consultants to get career advice.

GlobalHunt Takeaway – It Is Easy To Find A Perfect Job With Professional Manpower Consultant!

Candidates have variety of priorities when they are searching for their perfect job. Someone may be too busy to join as a full-timer or other may still discover what exactly they want to do for a living. Manpower consultancy can help in finding the perfect job as per the candidates preferences and can even prove a great help while a candidate is attempting for career change.

GlobalHunt manpower consultancy believes in starting career journey by listening closely to candidate’s skills, interests and goals. We are sure to help you reach your dream job that fits in your lifestyle.

Why You Must Be Concerned for Employee’ Financial Wellness from Recruitment and Selection Process

Why You Must Be Concerned for Employee’ Financial Wellness from Recruitment and Selection Process

Become an Employee Magnet by Proper Channeling of Total Value for Employees

Proper communication total compensation packages and benefits is necessary to keep the employees morale. Off course, it’s not possible to offer raise all the time, but letting them understand financial security offered can present you as employee. In the modern time the war for talent is at full fledge and a little mistake can gamble your best manpower asset. Of worse, the risk of turnover is always there, so you must put best efforts to let employees understand why you are a good place to work.

Dynamic work environment, employee-friendly work culture, value-added services and facilities can boost employer’s value on the top of payroll benefits.

Value Added Services to Increase Financial Security

From health insurance to dependent care benefits, there are many things that you do without increasing on paper salaries. More upon it, the priority services to access financial counselor can help employees save more. Many times, people don’t even know how start investing for future and this kind of guidance can actually clear their doubts. Hiring a licensed professional for the same and offering services at reduced cost or free is a worth to try shot.

Make Them Feel Free From Financial Worries from The Recruitment And Selection Step

Money is the prime reason for causing stress among employees. When they are in stress, they can’t provide best performances. Hence, it is clear that to make them work for you in the best shape of mind and body, as an employer you need to free them from financial worries. Financial distractions need to be sidelined properly to increase productivity of employees. Furthermore, financial guidance is the most likely offering that millennial generation tends to look in employers of GenX.

Well being of employees is only possible when they are cheerful to work and it is not all about giving them a good raise. Truly, the total compensation is the prime factor for accepting a job offer most of the time. However, additional facilities of food, cab, job security, insurance and healthcare are also important point. Just make sure employees get proper understanding of their total benefits package from the recruitment and selection phase.

GlobalHunt Takeaway

Everyone loves to feel they are valued. This feeling of ‘taken care’ has natural power to establish ling term connections. Similarly, in professional world if as an employer you are successful to make them employees feel valued, you are automatically entitled to gain loyal employees.  Financial security and benefits are prime concerns for employees. By taking care of these basics you can retain staff and reduce employee turnover naturally. Critically, you must work on transmitting your concerns for employee financial wellness timely and properly from the initial phase of recruitment and selection.

10 Steps of Professional Working of Executive Search Firm

10 Steps of Professional Working of Executive Search Firm.png

Step 1. Hiring an Executive Search firm

Following the finalization of contract, executives search firms work to hiring consultant for both external and internal candidates.

Step 2. Holding Launch Meetings

Recruitment staff get together to discuss the requirements for the role. In this meeting, stakeholders, board members and senior executive team members take part, generally. The basic purpose of the meeting is to extract useful information about the role and requirements of senior level executives in the management and work culture of the company.

Step 3. Job Description Creation

Following the previous meeting outputs, in this role executive recruiters finalize the job description for the position. In this step, consultants finalize roles, responsibilities, preferred experience and core competencies for the ideal candidate. As per the client approval, the document is used to create Position and Candidate Specification.

Step 4. Selecting the Research Strategy

The search team consultants sort out target companies to yield a successful candidate. In this step, ‘no hiring’ companies are also declared due to sensitive client relationship. Moreover, executive hiring consultants also consider office location, added benefits and corporate culture in this step.

Step 5. Conducting Research

Mapping of appropriate research online and offline mediums is an important part. In this step, executive manpower consultant research candidate database at various resources to yield prospective candidates.

Step 6. Scheduling Interviews for Top Prospects

The search consultant set up interviews to evaluate the top prospective candidates. During this step, executive hiring consultant take a deep drill into the experience and career of the candidate. Along with it, without jeopardizing candidate’ confidentiality search executive verifies the past performances and other essential career skills.

Step 7. Writing Candidate Profile

Following the interviews, search firm creates candidate profiles for the selected candidates. This report briefs the achievements, education and soft skills like values of the candidate to prove, why he or she may prove a good fit.

Step 8. Final interviews with Client

The search firm presents the strong contenders to the client for final call of interview. Those who are eliminated on any ground of the previous steps are closed out.

Step 9. Reference and Background Check

An executive search team member verifies the candidate’s references in this step. Most often, third-party conducts the background verification of the candidate.

Step 10. Extending the Offer and Closing Candidate Search

Executive search consultant work as mediator between client and candidate to finalize to the package that is agreeable for both. Following the acceptance of offer, the search team wind ups the open position.

Given the complex and long process, the executive recruitment is a time consuming process. Further, the involvement of senior level management staff from the corporate is crucial too. That’s why executive search firms can only succeed when they work professionally. As one of the top executive search firm, GlobalHunt strongly believes in working with a streamlined professional approach.

2019 Market Intelligence Tools Empowering Recruitment Process

2019 Market Intelligence Tools Empowering Recruitment Process

Market Intelligence Challenging the Holy Grail of Traditional Recruiting

Gone are the days when open positions were filled through bulletin board advertisements and newspaper ads. From then to now, recruitment industry has evolved dramatically to become multi-billion dollar market. And evolution of technology has been the center force in shaping the future of modern marketing tactics in the industry. Now, the talent acquisition market is equipped with diverse tools and not reliant on word-of-mouth or face-to-face applications only.

Currently, technology has overtaken the manual job search and recruitment from the core. To hold a position in talent acquisition market, it is important to update competitive market knowledge for both candidates and recruitment firms. Here are the powerful quick and cost effective market intelligence tools that are shaping the future of recruitment in 2019.

Endless opportunities with Google Alerts:

It is a great tool for competition analysis and getting alerts on email or set up as RSS feeds. Hence, no need to spy on your competition and how they are doing in business. Moreover, there are options to create customizable alerts for people, press releases, financial information, etc. No doubt, if you know how to use this amazing feature, you can gain competitive advantage with minimum efforts.

Door to socialize with brands @ Social Media:

Social activities on various platforms by companies can provide direct information to your mail box about brand, company and individuals. Along with it, you don’t have to research on marketing campaigns of your competitors separately or on latest developments in your competitors business. Literally, they are delivering all the data to your inbox!

Have eyes like a Hawk using Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Google Plus:

For starters, the story starts with following competitors’ pages on social recruitment sites. Here, you can get and track information about new hires, promotions, people that have left. As a candidate, you can keep your knowledge updated about your target companies and latest happenings including open positions.

Exploring jobs, salary information, recognition and awards has never been so easy. You are just few clicks away to extract, scrutinize and use this all information in building competitive intelligence input.

Get surprised with Twitter findings:

You don’t need to toil in updating knowledge about latest happenings in business and competition. Just hang on the twitter handles of your competitors or employees or just follow people who are in following list of your competitors. And top of all, using twitter requires no expertise technological knowledge either.

You see, there are reasons why Twitter search is defending its place as #2 search engine!

Serve your intelligence with diverse information banks:

In recruitment and research segment, there is lot of information that you can gain from Bureau of Labor Statistics data, Wikipedia, slide share, Indeed and many other online sources. So, don’t delay to set, a weekly and half month reminder to visit the sites regularly or get notifications for updates.

Technologically Advanced Ways to Win Over Competitors

These are glimpses of top trending tools shaping current recruitment industry. Overwhelmed with information and puzzled to understand where to start? Start with prioritizing what makes sense for you to use and then draft a simple daily check strategy. It’s just time that you have to invest to retrieve exceptional information that can return you a crown or half of a crown!

GlobalHunt is available on various social sites and strongly understands the importance of using online public platforms as Market Intelligence tools. Don’t forget to tell us what other tools you are using in the comment section.

Targeting Your Next Opportunity

targeting your next opportunity

It is good to be ambitious but in the world of business and fortune is that enough?

Well, it maybe partially true, but yes, what sets an employee off from her peers, colleagues and friends is when she can combine ambition with opportunity.

In today’s world of business, what drives staffs and management, is, in fact, a combination of technical knowledge and competence to do better at what you do? This has both, qualitative as well as quantitative sides to it. Quantitative in terms of more salary and qualitatively speaking, a new profile or a new industry with the more or less the same functional areas. In both the scenarios, what remains common is the fact that you are making a move towards career advancement.

So, it is important to know WHAT YOU HAVE and WHAT YOU NEED before you sit down to target companies and apply for a new job. It is best to first count what you have:

  • Experience: It grows with you and the time spent with a company. It is reflective of your ability to absorb as much as you can in any and every profile. It is also indicative of your professional capacities: what are your strengths and weaknesses; your interpersonal skills with colleagues; how you are as a team player and what are your professional limitations.
  • Talent: This comes to people more naturally. Some are passionate about their work because they enjoy what they do; while others learn it over a period of time as a matter of requirement. Both are essential in the business space.
  • Skills: You have worked in a particular profile and understood the operations, financial and technical part of it. You are home then! In today’s times, even technical knowledge is available at your finger-tips. It is important to be technologically aware and familiar with certain basic skill sets.

Opportunities will come to you and you will be able to make the most of it when you have all the above with you. It is also equally important to understand what you need and intend to gain when you plan your next career move. Know what you need:

  • Willingness: You must allow yourself to be assessed by the market on a regular basis and appear for interviews to get an insight of the current trends. Do not let yourself go in complacency.
  • Location: Geographically, to identify a job nearby is an important point to look out for.
  • Remuneration: It is obvious that a hike in the existing pay package can make the offer even more exciting.
  • Choice of company/sector: To go up the ladder is the norm of the day. You would want to continue in the same sector or industry with some familiarity of faces and names unless you want to switch for a different career in some other industry.
  • Reference/recommendation: A repository of endorsements coming from colleagues and senior management with who you have worked can do wonder to your resume. This is built only when you have proven yourself in your previous assignments.

Some get employment opportunities quickly around them because they have the required skill sets and some strive each day. Make sure that you are not in the latter category.