A Hunt for Leadership Talent


Recruitment process for team based professionals or technicians have been remodeled with time. There has been advancement towards assessment tools and analytical approach for executive recruitment. But finding, assessing and recruitment of leadership roles pose to be a real challenge for HR professionals and consultants. There are many companies who have now focused on hiring potential leaders who can take over the reins in coming years so that company’s growth and business objectives are met without any unwanted hassle. The first stage is identification of such potential leaders. There are certain qualities to out for.

  • One of the fundamental criteria to look for in a potential leader is strategic perspective. This competency distinguishes future leaders from general executives. These employees have the ability to analyze current trends to suggest future market and industry developments.
  • High performance is the mantra of such professionals. They settle for only the best with maximum dedication.
  • The professionals who focus on producing positive results and propel the workflow towards the same are leaders of tomorrow.
  • They have the ability of collaboration and team work in order to direct the processes in the rightful manner.
  • The moral character of such individuals in highly influential. They stand as role model within teams and among employees. They maintain ethical standards and work towards maintaining corporate values.
  • Understanding the business and functionalities is important in order to understand the company propagation so that strategic planning can be performed with proper effect.
  • Potential leaders bring in positive changes within organization through innovation and taking risks. Technological advancements are closely watched by such individuals.
  • They have the powerful and effective communication skills that initiate proper functioning and implementation of changes.
  • Lastly, potential leaders believe in the development of themselves through complete development of the entire organization as a whole. They emphasize on holistic workforce development through various training sessions and knowledge sharing.

Leadership abilities are not simple to find or assess. The HR professionals need to analyze the skill set and technical knowledge along with the ability of crisis management and providing solution. So there are a few initiatives to be taken up for identifying and promoting the potential leader talent.

  • The success for any job role starts with recruitment and hence finding the right candidate is crucial. If there is a scope that hiring in a particular functionality may be channelized towards leadership roles in coming years, then the candidate selection process need to be undertaken accordingly.
  • Proper guidance is essential towards building of leadership abilities so that the thought process is directed towards the accurate direction.
  • Transparency towards communication is another approach for potential leadership management. If the employee is kept in the information loop of what is expected from him, then he can work towards development of such abilities.
  • Performance tracking is essential in this regard. Regularly monitoring the progress of potential leaders help in guiding them towards ultimate objective.

Finding leaders through talent hunt is a crucial yet challenging task. It should be planned and worked upon to achieve desired results.