Global Recruitment Industry on the Rise in Recent Years

recruitmentEffective and talented individuals are needed in every part of operation and management for effectual growth of any organization. Every company and business across industry domains have sought for professional recruitment services across the globe. With mechanization the need for specialized resource has become a requisite.

With time the process of finding a skilled resource has undergone various changes. Previously, finding talented individuals was easy and it mostly happened through personal networks. But over the past four to five years this method has proved to be inadequate. Presently, the main source of talent search is based on social networking professional sites. Career websites are another option among candidates and companies as these websites have extensive access to database. Recruitment process has also become complex and cost sensitive. The recruitment process it not just finding a suitable candidate, it is a multifaceted process of various stages.

  • Research

A thorough research and understanding on the job profile is required for which the candidates will be selected. It includes various parameters like the qualification, past experience, professional background and such like.

  • Database Profiling

The second step is going through the pool of candidate database while keeping in mind the detailed research of the job profile and short listing a set of candidates. Thirdly, conducting a screening to understand the candidate profile is crucial.

  • Profiling of Candidates

The next step is to perform a formal interview through a suitable mode of communication for the final selection and negotiation on the compensation grounds.

  • Closure

Lastly, the on boarding of the candidate in to the system is the final and completion step.

All these stages require the support of experienced and professional team who can perform each and every step with perfection. But maintaining such a team within a business requires considerable investment and is pretty cost sensitive in nature. Hence, businesses are now opting for recruitment services provided by international recruitment firms. The recruitment firms are known for providing all round hiring services from job profile understanding to on boarding of the candidate. This poses to be a cost effective solution to most companies. The companies do not need to hire a team for the entire recruitment process and also the chances of suitable candidate hiring increases as these recruitment firms have access to or maintain a large database of resumes and profiles themselves.

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