Outplacement services, an integral part of HR Service Bucket

Outplacement is defined as the process of supporting former or redundant employees of an organization to find new job opportunities. The competition is very high in every business segment and industry domains. The companies are trying hard to keep themselves float and run the operations smoothly and successfully. But in certain scenarios, companies go for downsizing or layoffs. This happens when a particular functional area of business goes in to loss or there is no scope of further development. In such cases, the companies need to find new employment opportunities for the terminated employees. This is where in the outplacement services are essential. These services are usually short term in nature.outplacement

GlobalHunt features outplacement services as an integral part for its service bucket. Our outplacement services not only facilitate the flexible transition of individuals, but also ensure that their career path is on the right track due to this transition. We perform the outplacement services with a series of well coordinated activities to ensure maximum benefits. First and foremost we analyze the present job functionality of the candidate by studying the present professional role in the organization. Then we scale the deliverables of the individual in terms of quality, time, learning curve and other factors. This enables us to find the suitable opening for them according to their capacity. Then we support the individuals to rebuild their resumes according to the industry standards which showcase their talents and professional expertise to the fullest. We understand that the sudden loss of job scenario is stressful and difficult. Hence, through a series of job orientation sessions and capacity building training, we ensure that the transition becomes easy and fruitful for the candidate. We do a market intelligence reporting and candidate profiling based on our research. The last and the fundamental stage of an outplacement service is the successful placement of the candidates. This requires the basic understanding that the applicants are placed in profiles which would enhance their professional periphery and their career moves forward. With our more than decade long service profile, we have been successful in creating a strong network for best opportunities available in the market. We have served more than 1000 client across the globe and strive for the best only.

Outplacement services are tricky in nature. It is not just finding jobs for candidates. There are much more activities related to it which require thorough research and credibility. If you are looking out for quality outplacement services, then do reach out to us through our website. Our head office is located in Delhi with other branches situated across 8 different cities in India and two abroad. Please feel to visit us in any of our offices. You can find the relevant details in our website.